You can now create Custom Domain & SSL Fields!
Saturday, May 25th, 2013

In an effort to allow users more flexibility, as well as track as much data as possible, I've implemented Custom Domain & SSL Fields. Now if there's information you want to track for a domain or SSL certificate but the field doesn't exist in DomainMOD, you can just add it yourself!

For example, if you wanted to keep track of which domains are currenty setup in Google Analytics, you could create a new Google Analytics check box field and start tracking this information for each of your domains. Or if you were working in a corporate environment and wanted to keep a record of who purchased each of your SSL certificates, you could create a Purchaser Name text field and keep track of this information for every one of your SSL certificates. Combine custom fields with the ability to update them with the Bulk Updater, and the sky's the limit in regards to what data you can easily track! [the Bulk Updater currently only works with domains, not SSL certificates, but further support will be added in the future]

And when you export your domain & SSL data, the information contained in your custom fields will automatically be included in the exported data.

An Export option has been added to all Asset pages
Monday, May 6th, 2013

Just like the title says, an export option has now been added to all Asset pages. This means that every single piece of information you store in DomainMOD can be exported in its entirety. Your Domain Registrars, Registrar Accounts, DNS Profiles, IP Addresses, Account Owners, and so on.

And if any new asset types get added in the future, you can be sure they'll have an export option as well. I want users to have access to as much of their data as possible, as easily as possible.

Overhaul of DomainMOD Settings complete!
Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Over the past few months the DomainMOD settings have been undergoing a complete overhaul. The changes include but are not limited to making currency conversions user-based instead of system- based, updating all Domain & SSL default settings to be user-based instead of system-based, separating out Category, IP Address and Owner settings so that Domains & SSLs have thier own options instead of sharing them, adding support for saving passwords for Domain Registrar & SSL Provider accounts, removing the redundant Status and Status Notes fields from the Domains section, and so on.

I'm constantly trying to improve the software and make it more user-friendly, so if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to drop me a line at

Currencies have been updated to be user-based
Monday, April 29th, 2013

Now that Currencies have been updated to be user-based instead of system-based, every user in the system can set their own default currency, and that currency will be used for them throughout the system. Every setting, webpage, and report in the DomainMOD system will automatically be converted to display monetary values using the user's default currency.

DomainMOD has been converted to UTF-8
Saturday, April 27th, 2013

The entire DomainMOD system has been converted to use the UTF-8 character set in order to allow for support of non-ASCII characters, such as the characters found in some IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names).

Cron job added for automating currency conversions at regular intervals
Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Never worry about having outdated exchange rates again! DomainMOD now includes a cron job that automates currency conversions. This means you can have the cron job set to run overnight, and when you go to use DomainMOD in the morning your currency conversions will already be completely up-to-date.

For more information about this cron job please see the DomainMOD README.

DomainMOD now contains a Reporting section
Thursday, April 25th, 2013

DomainMOD now includes a collection of reports that can give you valuable insight into your data. Want to know how much you're spending on domains each month? Or see which SSL certificates are expiring during a given time frame? These are just a couple examples of the sort of information you can uncover in the Reporting section.

I'm always on the lookout for more reports that can be added, so if you have any new report suggestions, or any suggestions for the current ones, feel free to drop me a line at

Added a 'view full notes' feature to the Domain and SSL Cert edit pages
Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

When editing a Domain or SSL certificate, if you want to view the notes but scrolling through the text box just isn't your thing, you can now click on a link to view the full notes on a separate page, making them much easier to read.