DomainMOD is an open source application used to manage your domains and other internet assets in a central location

Designed from the ground up to work great on mobile!

Why should you use DomainMOD?


Central Management

In addition to keeping track of your domains you can also manage your SSL certificates, registrar and SSL accounts, hosting, DNS servers, IP addresses, account owners, and more.


Registrar Importing

Get up-and-running in a flash by importing your domains using your domain registrar's API. Simply add the API credentials, choose the account, and let DomainMOD do the rest.


Bulk Domain Updater

There's no need to waste time updating your domains one-by-one, with the Bulk Updater you can modify as few or as many domains as you want, all with a couple clicks of a mouse.


Custom Data Fields

Using Custom Fields you can track an unlimited amount of information for your domains & SSL certificates. With the ability to export this data, the sky's the limit in regards to what you can track.



Your data is virtually useless without the ability to make sense of it, so DomainMOD contains a Reporting section that allows you to run various reports against your data.


Segment Filters

Segments allow you to save lists of domains that you can use to filter against your main domains. You can see how many domains match, how many don't, and easily view the results.


User-Based Currencies

Every user can set their currency and it will be used throughout the entire system. Every setting, webpage, report, and export will automatically display values in the user's currency.


Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler allows you to run system tasks at set times. You can run currency conversions, send emails about upcoming expirations, check for new DomainMOD versions, and more!


Data Warehouse

The built-in Data Warehouse lets you import data from your WHM web servers, which you can view, export, and run reports against in order to gain valuable insight into your server data.



Built on Twitter Bootstrap, DomainMOD was designed from the ground up with mobile in mind, so you'll never have a problem accessing your domain information while you're on the go.



The tools to manage your domains and internet assets are always at hand. Once installed, DomainMOD can be accessed from anywhere in the world through any modern web browser.



With privacy being such a hot topic these days, why would you hand all of your domain information over to someone else? With DomainMOD only you have access to your data.

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