The (redundant) Domain Status and Status Notes fields have been removed

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

The Status & Status Notes fields have been officially removed from the entire system, so you will no longer see them when you're adding or editing a domain. Over time, using DomainMOD on a daily basis, I started to realize that these fields were fairly redundant, and any information that could be recorded in these fields could be recorded elsewhere. Plus, it just confused things because there were so many fields that related to the status of the domain... Function, Status, Status Notes, Standard Notes. It was just kind of messy.

However, although the Status & Status Notes fields were removed, if you had data stored in either of these fields it would have been appended to the primary Notes field when your database was upgraded. So don't worry, dropping these two fields didn't cause you to lose any of your existing data.

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