Two big steps forward for DomainMOD!

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Since DomainMOD started out as a personal project with no intentions of going open source, there was no reason to have created a Changelog or used proper versioning. However, now that I'm trying to get DomainMOD ready for multi-user development, I figured it was time to buckle down and get these sorted out.

Although it was nowhere near as much fun as actual programming, I spent the better portion of the weekend implementing both of these features. The Changelog version of the updates would go something like this...

- Picked through 900+ git commits to find key changes and updates
- Compiled a list of changes and their hashes, along with assigning a proper version number to each
- Installed GPG and created a key to use for signing git commits and tags
- Used git tags to assign the version numbers to the appropriate commits
- Created a Changelog on
- Created a CHANGELOG file and added it to the DomainMOD source code

So go ahead, check out the Changelog and see what's new with DomainMOD!

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