Some New Features Have Been Added!

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Although most of the past few months have been spent cleaning up and overhauling the DomainMOD source code, there are also some new features that have been implemented that I wanted to highlight.

Task Scheduler & Cron Jobs
In order to streamline how DomainMOD handles scheduled tasks, all of the past cron jobs have now been combined into a single file, so users only need to schedule one file to run at regular intervals and then all automated tasks can be managed through the new Task Scheduler (Settings -> Task Scheduler).

Support For User-Based Time Zones
The entire DomainMOD system has been updated to show times in the user's time zone, not the system time zone. This means that all dates shown, including the timestamps in exported reports, will be shown in the user's current default time zone (Settings -> User Defaults).

Raw List Feature
The main Domain & SSL Certificate pages now have a Raw List feature, which allows you to view your search results as a simple list of domains with no other data. This is helpful when you need to copy/paste the list of domains somewhere else and you don't need any other data other than the domains themselves.

System Notice Feature
DomainMOD now includes a System Notice feature, which will display important system messages to users when they login.

For a complete list of all changes please visit the Changelog.

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