DomainMOD v4.03 Released, Documentation, and Softaculous

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Although v4.03 is mostly small updates and tweaks, along with it comes a couple fairly big pieces of news.

The first is that DomainMOD now has an official User Guide, which has been a long time coming. Although we'd had a Getting Started guide online for quite some time, it was missing some information, and the software we used to create it decided to change their fee structure and it was just not feasible for us to use anymore. So with that, we were effectively starting from scratch with our documentation, and the hunt for a new piece of software had begun. Unfortunately this search was sidetracked numerous times and was delayed far longer than we had hoped, however the search is finally over! After an exhaustive search and lots of testing we've chosen a piece of open source software called MkDocs, which has everything we were looking for. Even if the MkDocs project shuts down for some reason, the version we have now should work for us until the end of time, so we no longer have to worry about our documentation software throwing us a curveball that causes us to completely redo our documentation system.

The User Guide is still a work in progress, and more documentation will be added as time goes on. Some sections are fairly bare at the moment, as we thought it would be best to at least get some documentation created, as opposed to waiting for it to be 100% complete before publishing it. Please bear with us as we continue to expand the guide.

The second piece of news, which we're very excited about, is that as of yesterday (Friday, April 7th, 2017) DomainMOD is now available in Softaculous. Softaculous is the web hosting industry's leading software auto-installer, and it has helped millions of users install applications with a few clicks of a mouse. Softaculous easily integrates into the leading control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, H-Sphere, and more. This means that any web server that runs a control panel with Softaculous can now install DomainMOD with ease. The User Guide has some more information regarding how to install using Softaculous.

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