The Domain & SSL Certificate Renewal Reports Are Gone!

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Just like the title says, the Domain & SSL Certificate Renewal Reports have been removed from the Reporting section. They're gone. Done. Kaput.

But why?! That's crazy, those reports are helpful!! Why would you do such a ridiculous thing?! I want to kick you in the shins for doing this!!

Basically, because they were now completely and utterly useless. These reports let you filter your Domains & SSL Certificates by their expiry date, so that you could see which domains were expiring for a given date range, however I have now added an expiry date filter to the Domain & SSL Certificate search pages, making these reports redundant. All they were doing now was wasting space, so they have been completedly removed.

Thanks to this new feature, getting a list of your upcoming expirations is now faster and easier than ever!

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