DomainMOD now includes a Data Warehouse for importing your web server data

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

DomainMOD now has a data warehouse framework built right into it, which allows you to import the data stored on your web servers. Currently the only web servers that are supported are ones that run WHM, but I also intend on adding support for Plesk and other systems once I've ironed out all the kinks in the framework.

The data warehouse is used for informational purposes only, and you will see its data referenced throughout DomainMOD where applicable. For example, if a domain you're editing has relevant information stored in your data warehouse, the system will automatically match them up and display the additional information for you, giving you even more insight into your data. You can also view, export, and run reports against the information in your data warehouse.

NOTE: Importing your server into the data warehouse will not modify any of your DomainMOD data.

The following WHM data is currently supported, but my end goal is to have every piece of WHM information that can be retrieved via the API stored in the data warehouse.

Domain, IP Address, Owner, User, Contact Email, Plan, Theme, Shell, Partition, Disk Limit, Disk Usage, Max Addons, Max FTP Accounts, Max Email Lists, Max Parked Domains, Max POP Accounts, Max SQL Accounts, Max Subdomains, Creation Date, Suspend Status, Suspend Reason, Suspend Time, Max Email Per Hour, Failed Email % Before Defer, Min Failed Email # Before Defer

Zone File Name, Original/Primary Source of Zone Data, Admin Email, Serial #, Refresh, Retry, Expiry, Minimum TTL, Authoritative Name Server

TTL, Class, Type, IP Address, CNAME, Mail Server, Mail Server Priority, TXT Data, Line # of Zone, # of Lines, RAW Data

Read more about the WHM API.

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