Custom Fields

Custom Fields help extend the functionality of DomainMOD by allowing the user to create their own data fields. For example, if you wanted to keep track of which domains are currently setup in your Analytics software, you could create a new Analytics check box field and start tracking this information for each of your domains. Combine Custom Fields with the ability to update them with the Bulk Updater*, and the sky's the limit in regards to what data you can easily track!

When you export your domain or SSL certificate data, the information contained in your custom fields will automatically be included in the exported data.

Custom Field Types: Check Box, Date, Text Field, Text Area, Time Stamp, URL


As of v4.13, DomainMOD has the ability to display your Custom Field data on the main Domain and SSL Certificate pages.


* The Bulk Updater currently only allows you to update Custom Domain Fields, but not Custom SSL Certificate Fields.

Task Scheduler

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