2016-08-26 (compare to v4.01.002)
- Updated broken maintenance URLs
- Added array_unique to domain list splitting
- Updated bulk domain list processing

2016-08-25 (compare to v4.01.001)
- Updated installation check
- Updated installation process
- Added default values to DATETIME fields

2016-04-19 (compare to v4.01.000)
- Updated Fabulous API call in Domain Queue
- Added Read-Only Users

2016-04-08 (compare to v4.00.000)
- Added Domain Queue for automatic domain imports
- Added support for saving registrar API keys
- Added asset creation tracking
- Added email address to SSL provider accounts
- Added Reseller ID to registrar accounts
- Added Reseller ID to SSL provider accounts
- Updated the installation process
- Updated password resets to allow email addresses
- Database cleanup
- Security cleanup

2016-03-14 (compare to v3.0.9)
DomainMOD v4 Release -- Complete Redesign

2016-02-09 (compare to v3.0.8)
- Moved Domain & SSL results within while statement
- Reset is_running flag before running cron jobs

2016-02-08 (compare to v3.0.7)
- Added Auto Renew field to Domains
- Synchronized software and database versions
- Renamed Timestamp class to Time class
- Added search string to SSL status dropdown
- Fixed Registrar Account dropdown list bug
- Removed leading period from TLD dropdown list

2015-10-10 (compare to v3.0.6)
- Check for custom field data
- Updated redirect URL after updating System Settings
- Removed extra $q->fetch call
- Fixed the password email logic

2015-07-27 (compare to v3.0.5)
- Added an Expiry Date filter to Domain & SSL Certificate searches

2015-07-06 (compare to v3.0.4)
- Added support for user-based time zones

2015-07-04 (compare to v3.0.3)
- Added a Task Scheduler for scheduling system jobs
- Added Composer support files for vendor autoloading
- Added PHP Cron Expression Parser library to process Task Scheduler dates and times
- Integrated cron jobs into the Task Scheduler and merged all cron jobs into a single file
- Updated maintenance tasks to cover more data
- Renamed and changed the location of various files
- Code cleanup and cosmetic changes

2015-07-02 (compare to v3.0.2)
- Completely re-wrote how the Data Warehouse processes and displays data
- Added a system notice feature to display important information
- Updated maintenance tasks system-wide to make things run smoother
- Optimized the database upgrade process to make it faster
- Cleaned up and rearranged some of the source code file locations
- Renamed 'Control Panel' to 'Settings'

2015-06-30 (compare to v3.0.1)
- Modified the version system to use strings
- Updated system-info.php to use $_SESSION['system_db_version'] instead of querying the database

2015-06-29 (compare to v3.0.0)
- Optimized the way DomainMOD checks for new versions
- Deleted the now-redundant checkversion.php cron job
- Optimized the way DomainMOD fixes invalid fees
- Updated query logic of deleteUnusedFees method

2015-06-29 (compare to v0.93.0)
- Unified the database and software versions
- Optimized the database update process

2015-06-28 (compare to v0.92.2)
- Cleaned up and organized a LOT of code
- Moved a lot of includes and random code into classes
- Renamed some files to make things more organized
- Added a Raw List features for the main Domain & SSL Certificate pages
- Updated deprecated HTML tags

2015-06-20 (compare to v0.92.1)
Fixed pagination bug on Domain & SSL Cert pages

2015-06-20 (compare to v0.92.0)
- Continued cleaning up and refactoring the codebase
- Added Scrutinizer CI badges to README file
- Updated README formatting
- Continued converting database queries to prepared statements
- Added utf-8 Content Type meta header tag
- Updated the version check crong job
- Updated bind_param calls to use only variables

2015-05-11 (compare to v0.91.5)
Updated all files to use new Autoloader class

2015-05-08 (compare to v0.91.4)
Reformatted the DW potential problem report export