2017-05-14 (compare to v4.04.000)
- Fixed install script
- Added link to Domain Queue during first run
- Updated version info in footer
- Changed button formatting

2017-05-13 (compare to v4.03.002)
- Added Date and Time Stamp Custom Field Types
- Updated DB upgrade script to run from command line
- Changed email encoding from iso-8859-1 to UTF-8
- Updated Composer (? -> 1.4.1)
- Updated PHP Cron Expression Parser (1.1.0 -> 1.2.0)
- Updated PHPMailer (5.2.16 -> 5.2.23)
- Code cleanup

2017-04-20 (compare to v4.03.001)
- Added API
- Added WHM API Token support
- Updated and DreamHost classes
- Code cleanup

2017-04-13 (compare to v4.03.000)
- Added timestamp to Task Scheduler page
- Added Log class
- Updated Fabulous API
- Added Freenom API
- Added DreamHost API

2017-04-07 (compare to v4.02.001)
- Increased SMTP Port form field from 3 to 5
- Updated Maintenance class to lowercase domains
- Updated Domain Queue maintenance tasks
- Updated highlightText method
- Added Softaculous to README
- Added Documentation (User Guide)

2016-12-08 (compare to v4.02.000)
- Updated GoDaddy API domain retrieval to 10,000
- Increased SMTP port length from 3 to 5
- Updated currency symbol for Turkish Lira
- Changed Maintenance task order
- Removed URL encoding from footer redirects
- Updated default DATETIME values in install script

2016-11-01 (compare to v4.01.008)
- Fixed SMTP Support version number

2016-11-01 (compare to v4.01.007)
- Added PHPMailer class
- Added SMTP support
- Added text versions of system emails
- Fixed post-login redirect bug
- Formatting updates

2016-10-27 (compare to v4.01.006)
- Updated default values for DATETIME fields
- Changed fee and conversion rate data types
- Removed time change form from non-daily events
- Updated htmlentities to specify encoding type
- Fixed edit SSL page (retrieved field order)

2016-10-01 (compare to v4.01.005)
- Allow admins to edit user profile settings
- Updated Admin, Maintenance & Settings menus
- Formatting updates
- Fixes

2016-09-03 (compare to v4.01.004)
- Added read-only user data to user export
- Added inactive and read-only user designations
- Security Updates

2016-08-29 (compare to v4.01.003)
- Security Updates
- Updated Task Scheduler 'run' command

2016-08-26 (compare to v4.01.002)
- Updated broken maintenance URLs
- Added array_unique to domain list splitting
- Updated bulk domain list processing

2016-08-25 (compare to v4.01.001)
- Updated installation check
- Updated installation process
- Added default values to DATETIME fields

2016-04-19 (compare to v4.01.000)
- Updated Fabulous API call in Domain Queue
- Added Read-Only Users

2016-04-08 (compare to v4.00.000)
- Added Domain Queue for automatic domain imports
- Added support for saving registrar API keys
- Added asset creation tracking
- Added email address to SSL provider accounts
- Added Reseller ID to registrar accounts
- Added Reseller ID to SSL provider accounts
- Updated the installation process
- Updated password resets to allow email addresses
- Database cleanup
- Security cleanup

2016-03-14 (compare to v3.0.9)
DomainMOD v4 Release -- Complete Redesign

2016-02-09 (compare to v3.0.8)
- Moved Domain & SSL results within while statement
- Reset is_running flag before running cron jobs

2016-02-08 (compare to v3.0.7)
- Added Auto Renew field to Domains
- Synchronized software and database versions
- Renamed Timestamp class to Time class
- Added search string to SSL status dropdown
- Fixed Registrar Account dropdown list bug
- Removed leading period from TLD dropdown list

2015-10-10 (compare to v3.0.6)
- Check for custom field data
- Updated redirect URL after updating System Settings
- Removed extra $q->fetch call
- Fixed the password email logic